Grammar Monsters


Grammar Monsters is an educational game developed and published by MECC for the Apple II.


Grammar Monsters is an educational game that aims to teach fundamentals of grammar.

At the game’s title screen players have five different options to choose from.

Monster Munch

This monster wants pronouns
This monster wants pronouns

In monster much players are first asked to input their first and last names. Players are then taken to a cave where a monster stand in front of them with a sentence displayed in the middle. Above the sentence is a white box that words will scroll by.

Players are asked to choose a certain type of word that fits in the sentence, such as adverbs or adverbs. Once the word floats by the middle it will be highlighted. Once it is highlighted players can press the space bar to select it.

If the selected word is correct, the monster will eat it and it will be displayed on their belly. If the word is incorrect the game will tell the player it is incorrect and describe what type of word it is looking for.

At the end of the game a graph is displayed showing the player how many words were correctly chosen out of four possible on each screen.

Monster Maker

A finished story
A finished story

In monster makers the game will give players a story. In this story there are various words that are underlined. These underlined words are the incorrect tense.

It is up to the player to correct these words to their proper tense. For each word that is successfully corrected a part of a monster will be revealed.

Once all of the words have been revealed the game will display the players correct story and monster. The game gives players the option to continue to the next story or print their story.

At the end of the game it will display a graph showing the number of words edited and the number of words corrected on the first try.

Monster Madness

A completed story
A completed story

Monster madness has players completing a Mad Libs style story. Players are given a list of word types such as plural noun, adjective, or verb.

Before players start they are given the choice of selecting words from a pre-made list or choosing their own words.

Once a player selects one of these from the list they will be given a list of potential words to choose from, or the opportunity to type their own. The game will then plug that word in, or tell the player it is an incorrect type of word.

Once all the words in the list have been chosen the game will display the players completed story. At the end once all three stories have been completed it will display a graph showing the number of words selected and the number of correct words selected on the first try.


Describing the different games
Describing the different games

The information section of the game displays information on various topics surrounding the game.

The first bit of information displayed tells the player about how the three different gameplay sections work.

The next set of instructions are on the teacher mode of the game which allows the teacher to adjust the content, set the number of problems, and view or print students results. This section also gives instructions on the various controls in the game.

Next in the information section is the credits for some of the developers of the game, and a series of color bars that can be used to adjust the color settings on the monitor.


Selecting the end option will quit the game. The game will then ask the player to insert another diskette.

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