Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess

General Information

Monsters is developed by Mediatonic. It is a vertical platformer like Ice Climber, you have to chase a monster down and attack it 3 times before it escapes the stage. There are many platforms and you add 1 to your combo meter every platform you hit, you cannot hit the same one twice. After you hit the monster the third time the Duke will perform a finishing move. This is based on how big your combo is. There is a score attack mode which makes the stages longer with more platforms to hit. There is also the scrapbook, which you can unlock profiles about the characters and the bosses.

Story Summary

The Duke is relaxing in his castle until he hears a crashing noise, he checks it to find out his princess is gone. He goes to various locales searching for his princess and beating up random monsters. Usually with the line “MONSTER! YOU (probably) STOLE MY PRINCESS!” to which the monster replies “OH ****, IT’S THE DUKE!!” The Duke continues his journey until he reaches the temple with a robot who has the princess trapped in his head. After he destroys the robot, it is revealed that the robot is really trying to save the princess, who was a waitress kidnapped by the duke.



  • Ah, My Magnificent Castle (Boss: Squishface Octo-Face)

    The duke chasing a monster.
    The duke chasing a monster.
  • Some Gaudy Caves (Boss: Evil King Skull-for-a-butt)
  • I Claim This Waterfall (Boss: It came from the bog!!)
  • A Big Stupid Tree (Boss: Ghost (Busted)
  • WHAT?! A Temple!

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