Hitman HD Trilogy


What's in the box?
What’s in the box?

The Hitman HD Trilogy comes packed with remastered versions of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman: Contracts and Hitman: Blood Money and includes support for Trophies/Achievements. The HD Trilogy was first spotted via retailer listings in early 2012 and again in mid-October 2012 via a leaked PlayStation 3 Trophy list for all games. It was finally confirmed to be real in December 2012 and was released on January 29, 2013.

Available for the same price, the Limited Edition also includes an artbook that features brand new artwork depicting classic Hitman moments interpreted by various artists.

The disc-based versions of the game also incude a download code for Hitman: Sniper Challenge, which was originally only available for pre-ordering Hitman: Absolution.

Xbox 360 Version

The Xbox 360 version of Hitman: HD Trilogy is split between two discs: one containing both Hitman 2: Silent Assassin along with Hitman: Contracts, and the other containing only Blood Money. The “dual” disc splits its 1000 Achievement points between the two games, while the Blood Money disc uses the same set of Achievements as the original 360 version of the game (so any Achievements obtained in one version of the game cannot be re-obtained in the other).

PlayStation 3 Version

The PS3 version of Hitman: HD Trilogy comes on a single disc, with each game having its own Platinum Trophy. The HD Remakes are also available in the PlayStation Store and can be purchased as either the entire HD Trilogy or individually.

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