Call of Duty


Call of Duty for the Nokia N-Gage follows a similar story and mission path as the original Call of Duty for PC and Mac, but in a drastically reduced form. What levels have been ported over have been streamlined to force more straight-forward progression and to compensate for the limited field of view.

The game has generated notoriety for its technical shortcomings, such as its single digit framerate, three-frame reload animations, tight field of view, low draw distance and AI quirks in addition to interface oddities leading some reviewers to speculate that the game wasn’t completely finished prior to shipping.


11 missions comprise the single player campaign and are split across three different countries (USA, Great Brittan and the Soviet Union). Additionally, there is one secret level only obtainable via the use of the level select code.


  • Brecourt – Originally placed as the fifth mission in the PC version of Call of Duty, Brecourt has the player running along trenches of Brecourt Manor during Operation Overlord. Based on the Brecourt Manor Assault as depicted in Band of Brothers’ second episode, “Day of Days”.
  • Burnville – Based on the second mission of the PC version of Call of Duty and takes place chronologically prior to the Brecourt Manor Assault, just after midnight June 6, 1944. The 101st parachutes into a field outside of of a small vilage and must make their way through the vilage and disable the anti-aircraft guns behind the church.
  • Foy – An entirely original urban-based mission, Foy takes places in the Belgium city of the same name. The level must be cleared out of German troops through close quarters fighting and then their flak cannon must be destroyed.
  • Bunkers


  • Capture The Bridge
  • The Dam
  • Airport
  • V2 Rockets


  • Red Square
  • Pezenskaia
  • Reichstag


  • Tank Assault


Call of Duty for the N-gage  received mixed reviews and garnered a metacritic score of 58. 

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