Steel Horizon

Steel Horizon is an alternate WW2 strategy game, published by Konami America and developed by Climax Groups’ now-defunct LA studio.

Steel Horizon tells the lost tale of a naval Captain during World War II and his fight against the Nazis, the Japanese and the nefarious Babel Syndicate, a shadowy organization attempting to manipulate the war’s outcome behind the scenes. Inspired by pulp novels, the Babel Syndicate has access to a variety of “super science” weapons, all fueled by a mysterious element known to the Nazis as “Neoteutonium.”

After selecting one of three possible flagships to command (battleship, carrier or submarine), the player embarks on the 25-mission campaign. Gameplay is a turn-based affair, in which the player builds units and tactically deploys them to accomplish their various objectives. Unlike most games in the genre, multiple ships can be grouped into a single “square” of the map. Battles, however, are resolved via real-time skirmishes involving multiple ships.

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