Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure


Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure is an underwater action adventure game where players assume the role of various extinct sea creatures based on the National Geographic 3d movie of the same name. The player’s objective is to find fossils to unlock new creatures to play. There is 6 playable creatures in all.


Sea Monsters adopts the same perspective as the old Ecco the dolphin series did on Dreamcast, using the same 3rd person perspective. The player steers any of the 6 unlockable creatures by pointing the wiimote at the screen and holding A to swim. The players presses B to attack/eat and can use double taps of A and B to do animal specific actions.

The game can be played with nunchuk attachment. Using the nunchuck allows the player to dodge and look at the creature from a different angle.

The game takes place in one location, a small bay of an inbound seas (called the hub). There is no objective other than playing mini games (found in “portals”) and finding fossils. If the player can enough fossils the player will unlock new creatures to play as well as concept art and a short movie of the creature.

The sole objective of the game is to find fossils to unlock new creatures.

In the HUD, the player has three bars one for health, one for stamina and one for oxygen (where applicable). A player dies when the players loses all his/her health and respawns at wherever in the hub is closest to where the player found their last fossil (the game autosaves after finding each fossil). If the players exerts all their stamina they can no longer swim until it recharges. If the goes too deep or exhausts their oxygen they will lose health.

In the lower right hand corner of the screen there is a minimap which has dots corresponding to enemies, food (aka weaker enemies), portals and fossils. When a player is engaged in underwater dogfighting combat with another creature the wiimote cursor turns into a bite symbol. If a player successfully dodges an attack a white bite icon appears under the HUD, which increase the power of the players’ next attack if it lands successfully. If the players misses the icon is lost. A player can stack as many as 5 bite icons at once before attacking.

On the fossil screen the player can see the fossils they have collected so far and read factoids about the creatures.The player can also use any wildcard fossils to fill missing spots on any unlockable creature (max one per creature0 in this menu. By finding assembling complete fossils the player will either earn permanent stat bonuses or unlock new playable creatures as well as unlock concept art and short bonus movies.

Playable Creatures and Abilities

  • Dolichorhynchops – super speed allows jumps over small land sections
  • Tylosaurus – can bash rock barriers with tail
  • Temnodotosaurus – able to go to any depth
  • Henodus – small size can fit through holes and can dig up fossils
  • Nothosaurs – is amphibious and can also dig for fossils
  • Thalassomedon - initial creature

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